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LADLeft Anterior Descending (anatomical location of coronary artery)
LADLos Angeles Dodgers (baseball team)
LADLife After Death (gaming clan; music album)
LADLanguage Acquisition Device (brain structure; Chomsky)
LADLeukocyte Adhesion Deficiency
LADLeast Absolute Deviation (estimation)
LADLeft Axis Deviation (EKG)
LADLight Aid Detachment
LADLatest Arrival Date
LADLaboratoire Suisse d'Analyse du Dopage
LADLegislative Audit Division (Montana)
LADLuanda, Angola - Fevereiro (Airport Code)
LADLatin America Division (Association of Rotational Molders)
LADLogistics Anchor Desk
LADLiquidated & Ascertained Damages
LADLocal Area Disk
LADLinger And Die (gaming clan)
LADLouisiana Association of the Deaf
LADLinear Application Development
LADLower Anterior Descending artery (graft)
LADLicense Application Design
LADLinear Amplitude Distortion
LADLiquid Agent Detector
LADLong Alcoholic Drink (Ireland and UK)
LADLaunch Assist Device
LADLight Armored Division
LADLaser Acquisition Device
LADLocation Aid Device
LADLocal Attack Detection
LADLogistics Automation Directorate
LADLogistics Assistance Directorate
LADLong Axis Diameter
LADLanding Assist Device
LADLabor Authorization Document
LADLaunch Area Defense
LADLaunch Area(s) Denied (Ballistic Missile Defense System)
LADLyn Aerospace & Defense (Melbourne, FL)
LADLeader Accreditation Department (La Leche League)
LADLimited Authorization Drawing
LADLearning Aim Database (UK)
References in classic literature ?
The tall lad, standing in the porch, turned his bleared eyes from the publican to the smith and back again as if considering whom he ought to fight now.
As soon as she was gone the lad took the pin out of his master's coat, who instantly awoke.
Still smiling, the lad crossed the room and stood before the Russ.
Even the lads and lassies giggled and snickered over their part in the affair, narrating with gusto how Larry had jumped on my chest and slept under the bridge, how So-and-So had slept out in the sandhills that night, and what had happened to the other lad who fell in the ditch.
The gentleman having searched the lad, and found the partridge upon him, denounced great vengeance, swearing he would acquaint Mr Allworthy.
Now, lad," said he, "tell us thy troubles, and speak freely.
He once more ordered the driver to go to Fulham--opened the door to get into the cab--then, as it seemed, suddenly recollected himself--and, calling the lad down from the box, ordered him to get inside, and took his place by the driver.
Very precious to Jo was the friendship of the lads, their penitent sniffs and whispers after wrongdoing, their droll or touching little confidences, their pleasant enthusiasms, hopes, and plans, even their misfortunes, for they only endeared them to her all the more.
I am Richard Partington, page to Her Majesty, Queen Eleanor," answered the lad with dignity; and again the sound of his voice troubled Robin sorely.
As the lad stood in a dubious attitude, Durbeyfield put his hand in his pocket, and produced a shilling, one of the chronically few that he possessed.
Why, bless me,' cried the old gentleman, 'the lad is here
It seems there was a ship lost in those parts; and the next day a gentleman of my family was seeking wreck-wood for his fire along the sands, when he came upon a lad that was half drowned.