LADBLatin America Data Base
LADBLouisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board (est. 1990)
LADBLaboratório de Análises de Dopagem e Bioquímica (Portugal)
LADBLinear Array with Double Beam
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Some had left their home country because they were targeted for harassment or persecution, Andrade told LADB, while others had seen their quality of life deteriorate and wanted a better future for their children.
Relying on Supreme Court jurisprudence, (91) the Fifth Circuit found that the LADB easily satisfied the first prong of the Central Hudson test with two of the government interests it offered: (1) the protection of the public from attorney advertising that is unethical and potentially misleading; and (2) the preservation of the legal profession's ethical integrity.
We are a people who are inclined toward solidarity," David Cuauhtemoc Galindo, mayor of Nogales, Sonora, said in an interview with LADB.
In an interview with LADB, Esquivel added, "I, as a congressman, have an enormous commitment to defend the issues of life, marriage and family .
In an interview in her Mexico City office, the Netherlands native told LADB that she hopes Mexico will take advantage of its extraordinary wind and solar resources to wean the country from its traditional dependence on fossil fuels.
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turns them into substances that are far riskier for youths' health--is that there's no scientifically adequate dosage," Araya told LADB.
To fight off this scourge of organized crime and of criminal structures devoted to cocaine trafficking, storage, and consumption, we have to work together, and this is the idea we've been selling," Mata told LADB.
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Security Vice Minister Maria Fullmen told LADB that the new plan is designed to close a gap in the nation's policies concerning its youth.
Adam Isacson from the CIP in Washington, DC, a policy institute calling for demilitarization in Latin America, told LADB that US troops have now become involved in rearguard action in the southern part of Colombia in what is probably the largest offensive in the history of the country's government.
I want it to be understood that this administration is extremely clear about what corruption is," Vice Minister of the Presidency Ana Gabriel Zuniga told LADB.