LADMLand Administration Domain Model
LADMLaboratory Administration (college course)
LADMLocal Average Density Model
LADMLagrangian Atmospheric Dispersion Model (meteorology; Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organization)
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A team of 17 LADM professionals currently provide comprehensive loan servicing, credit administration and asset-management services on Cohen Financial's portfolio, comprised of more than 800 loans, with aggregate principal balances of more than $5 billion in the United States and Canada.
With the backing of the Electricity Commission of NSW we showed for the first time that numerical, computer-based, regional air pollution impact assessments in complex geographies were feasible using LADM and, indeed, vital to obtain a proper understanding of the impact of major industry on the environment.
To communicate results to the Commission, Peter Hurley developed an interactive graphical display system to visualise the complex results from LADM.