LADSELaGrange Area Department of Special Education (LaGrange, IL)
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Consistent with Knapp's (1995) recommendation that evaluation procedures incorporate the perceptions of stakeholders, a formative evaluation process has been built into the implementation of the LADSE EBD Network to guide program development and technical assistance.
Integrating hands-on support and training into service delivery builds the capacity of school-based teams to assist teachers and students effectivelY The focus of technical assistance and training has expanded as the LADSE EBD Network has gained experience with the application of the wraparound approach.
In LADSE, this strategy has been effective, in terms of ensuring that interventions are implemented appropriately in classrooms (Eber, 1994).
The LADSE experience in applying the wraparound process in school programs demonstrates that such change can be accomplished when educators are provided with technical assistance and resources to plan differently for students with these challenges.
Within LADSE, collaboration between resource specialists and regular education teachers enables children to be successfully incorporated into regular education programs.
Clearly, these programs have not evolved overnight; nor do the dedicated leaders of LADSE claim to have reached their goals in each and every school setting.