LADTLocal Area Data Transport
LADTLiverpool Architecture and Design Trust (UK)
LADTLiable/Agent Data Transfer (US DOL)
LADTLos Angeles Dream Team (online gaming team)
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LADT Training Ltd was liquidated after running up a pounds 47,000 debt -pounds 40,000 with the Inland Revenue.
LADT was established in 1995 around Liverpool's aspiration to be the City of Architecture.
We are very pleased to have worked with LADT to support the growth - and sustainability - of young entrepreneurial businesses in the market town of Ledbury and we wish Jules every success in her venture.
Using LADT, customers with "bursty" terminal data can share telco facilities and achieve both reduced operating costs and a means of sending data to various locations, without the contention problems of the public switched network.
Last night, LADT chief executive Tony Woof said: ``If it gets painted back quickly, we may be able to explain it away.
LADT is good for the city and with our history and people's goodwill, it can continue.
LADT boss Tony Woof said the search is now on for 10 new buildings to be bathed in their very own night light.
John Elck, project manager for LADT, said: ``We always have a poll on our website all the time and this was the one we chose for now.
Send further donations to Liverpool Carters' Horse Monument Fund, c/o LADT, 45 Jordan Street, Liverpool L1 OBW.
Tony Woof, chief executive of LADT, said: ``This will place Liverpool in a fairly select club.
As a result, LADT rescued the ship and several other artefacts from the site, including the Yellow Submarine which is now on display in Chavasse Park.
Tony Woof, LADT chief executive, said: "This started three years ago as part of the River of Light Festival, but we want to keep this beautiful building illuminated at night all year round.