LADWPLos Angeles Department of Water and Power
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LADWP will use Itron s cellular solution to support its Feed-in Tariff (FiT) program, the largest FiT program of any municipal utility in the nation.
Before picking up its final paycheck, PSC Energy filed a final report with LADWP and its five-member governing board, the Mayor's Office and City Council.
Through the agreements, LADWP will pay a fixed price, based on a natural gas indexed formula, per megawatt-hour (MWh), for an annualized cost not to exceed $39 million in fiscal years 2006-07 through 2011-12.
The Commission also adopted a policy to only build "green," with the requirement that new LADWP construction projects will meet a minimum of a LEED Silver Standard, as certified by the U.
LOS ANGELES -- The day before the Academy Awards, the City and LADWP host their own set of superstars.
David Nahai, president of the Board of Water and Power Commissioners that oversees LADWP, the nation's largest municipal utility.
LADWP officials said they expect to meet the target flows before that deadline.
LADWP crews are also tackling outages affecting customers in South Los Angeles, and Hyde Park, as well as some neighborhoods of Hollywood, Mid-City, Downtown, and Valley Village.
In addition, LADWP will avoid further costly litigation and escalating construction costs that would result from further delay.
SCE is pleased to reach agreement in principle with LADWP on this important project," Litzinger said.
Climate change is perhaps the most important environmental issue of our time and it is essential that the LADWP take a leadership role in addressing this global problem," Board President H.
I am confident that LADWP has truly done its due diligence prior to taking these actions," said H.