LAEGLilly Aquatic Exposure Guideline
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The wolf is described as lying down ("Pa laeg se graega wulf," 154) and embracing the head with its feet: "mid his twam fotum haefde paet heofod beclypped" (155).
Perhaps surprisingly only two of Cosijn's emendations have been generally adopted by editors: Wedera for MS wereda (2186) and laeng for MS laeg (2307), where Thorpe and Grundvig had already suggested leng and Cosijn was merely objecting to the normalization of the form.
AELFRIC CONCLUDES HIS STORY of the martyrdom of the thirdcentury Persian kings Abdon and Sennes with "Nu we spraecon be cynegum we willad pysne cwyde gelencgan and be sumum cy nincge eow cydan git Abgarus waes geciged sum gesaelig cynincg on syrian lande and se laeg beddryda on dam timan pe se haelend on pysum life waes" [Now (that) we are speaking about kings, we will lengthen this conversation and yet tell you something about a certain king who was called Abgar, a certain blessed king in the Syrian land, and who lay bedridden during the time when the Savior was in this life].
paer waes Hondscio hild onsaege, feorhbealu faegum; he firmest laeg, gyrded cempa; him Grendel weard, maerum magupegne to mudbonan, leofes mannes lice all forswealg.
THORN]aer waes madma fela of feorwegum fraetwa gelaeded; ne hyrde ic cymlicor ceol gegyrwan hildewaepnum ond headowaedum, billum ond byrnum; him on bearme laeg madma maenigo, [thorn]a him mid scoldon on flodes aeht feor gewitan.