LAFCLos Angeles Flight Center (El Monte, CA)
LAFCLos Angeles Futbol Club (soccer)
LAFCLos Angeles Fire Conclave
LAFCLos Angles Film Critics
LAFCLos Altos Feeding Clinic (Los Altos, CA pediatric consultants)
LAFCLaminar Air Flow Cabinet (laboratory safety)
LAFCLille Absolut Furet Club (French: Lille Absolute Ferret Club; Lille, France)
LAFCLiss Athletic Football Club (UK)
LAFCLake Amphibian Flyers Club (Boca Raton, FL)
LAFCLeicester Athletic Football Club
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The majority of the former LAFC members, myself included, have not renewed their LAFC membership and have now joined the LAC instead.
It was reported to the attorney at LAFC that the teacher assigned to the classroom was ultimately assigned there because the local schools were unhappy with her performance and were content to send her to teach the homeless kids (Heybach personal communication 2005).
Manny Bains, LAFC Chairman stated, "It's an exciting opportunity to get into the Indian sports market with Leisure Sports, who are already very firmly established in the region.
Leisure Sport, S S Dasgupta, Managing Director said, "We at LSM are equally keen in creating a partnership with LAFC & ISMG to promote and professionalize sports in India.
LAFC group of companies has interests in several different areas such as sponsorship, media, entertainment, representation, public relations, and gaming.
Ang Lee, "Brokeback Mountain"--BFC, LAFC, NYFC, GG, DGA
Philip Seymour Hoffman, "Capote"--BFC, NSFC, LAFC, GG (Drama), SAG
Noah Baumbach, "The Squid and the Whale"--NSFC, LAFC, NYFC
SDA President & CEO Yan Skwara stated, "SDA in conjunction with LAFC is pleased to announce that we have completed our final payment for controlling interest of GoloLotto, an online sports wagering operation that we have conceptualized over the past three years.
We believe with our partner LAFC and its Chairman, Manny Bains, and the rest of the team, we can achieve solid results by finalizing key relationships with soccer groups to market the site," says Yan Skwara, President & CEO of SDA.
SDA is in the process of acquiring a 100% interest in Golo Lotto from LAFC, but will continue to work with both LAFC and CRIS in the operation of the website and management of GoloLotto.