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LAFCOLocal Agency Formation Commission
LAFCOLos Angeles Filmmakers Cooperative
LAFCOLuxury Articles and Fragrance Company (New York)
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In addition, LAFCO reviews ways to reorganize, simplify and streamline governmental structures and services.
LAFCO has approved the extension of the city of Los Angeles' sphere to the ridgeline.
LAFCO tentatively approved the Stonecrest annexation in January, but when more than 300 protests were received just before the decision was finalized in February, a protest hearing was set.
It could be a month before the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder's Office verifies signatures on the competing sets of forms, and LAFCO compares dates and names to determine whether the withdrawals cancel out some protests.
LAFCO had temporarily approved the annexation, but after enough protests were received to potentially trigger a vote - and LAFCO discovered a procedural error - the agency scheduled a new public hearing.
LAFCO had tentatively approved the annexation, but after enough protests were received to potentially trigger a vote - and the agency discovered its mistake - the decision was tabled.
Antonovich's letter was instrumental in this matter returning to the LAFCO board,'' said Paul Novak, a deputy for the supervisor.
If a significant number of property owners object to a proposed annexation, LAFCO should afford them the opportunity to vote on that annexation,'' Antonovich wrote in his letter.
If a vote is warranted, LAFCO would adopt a resolution and approach the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, which would set the process in motion, said Kathy Salama, a spokeswoman for the Registrar-Recorder's Office.
Larry Calamine, executive director of LAFCO, said ``we had no idea there would be this protest.
Cemex intends to make its position clear to LAFCO that annexation of the Soledad Canyon property into the city's municipal boundaries is inappropriate,'' said Kerry Shapiro, the lead attorney for Cemex's Soledad Canyon project.
Others saw LAFCO's move as bending to development interests - Newhall Water's majority once contend the region's water estimates are skewed to promote growth - a view LAFCO Executive Officer Larry Calemine has dismissed.