LAFDLos Angeles Fire Department
LAFDLos Alamos Fire Department
LAFDLondon Association of Funeral Directors (UK)
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Saadian has built a team that is equally adept and dedicated to fire safety, including respected members of the LAFD community like retired Captain Bob Holloway and former LAFD Chief Al Hernandez.
The LAFD needs to get its act together and realize that the good 'ol days are called that because they were good.
William Bamattre, LAFD Fire Chief, Los Angeles Councilman Tom LaBonge and several firefighters were on-hand recently to receive their Tribute Hybrids.
In cooperation with the LAFD and the FIRST-IN FIRE FOUNDATION "Friends of the Fire Department & Fire Service", Camille would like to honor her local firefighters for their everyday service and bravery.
I feel betrayed by the LAFD over this," said McMaster, a La Crescenta resident.
I'm looking forward to working with the Foundation to provide assistance to the LAFD and its many men and women who serve with such integrity and valor in our community.
Captain Holloway is a highly respected fire department veteran; prior to his retirement in 2012, he was in charge of construction services at LAFD.
The fire-alarm fee was proposed by United Firefighters of Los Angeles City, whose members suspect that security companies are simply calling the LAFD instead of the LAPD to avoid false-alarm fines.
While we work together with the LAFD to fully investigate this matter, we would like to emphasize that it is entirely too early to draw conclusions or to speculate as to any other aspects of the investigation.
Bob Holloway joins longtime staff members like his LAFD boss, former chief Al Hernandez, and of course George Saadian, who has been working closely with the LAFD for decades.
Now the department proposes to solve the problem by creating a bureaucratic "Professional Standards Division" led by an LAFD assistant chief -- a classic case of the fox guarding the henhouse.
While working at LAFD, Holloway was in charge of reviewing and approving all projects in the city of Los Angeles from concept to completion, including all LAFD inspections for construction projects in Los Angeles.