LAHDCLadakh Autonomous Hill Development Council (India)
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While the Panchayat bodies by granting reservations for women, are making efforts to dissolve their boundaries, making way for them, the LAHDC has so far afforded only nominated positions for women.
The LAHDC is assigned tasks like formulation of development programme for the district in respect of district component schemes, as notified by the government and centrally sponsored schemes, periodical review of the progress of developmental plans and schemes, implementation of schemes at the grassroot levels, employment generation, constitution of notified area committees, education, funding of small scale cottage industries, vocational trainings, maintaining public health and sanitation to name a few.
We approached the LAHDC or the Ladakh Hill Development Council which is the 'Executive' looking into all matters of governance and policy at the local level.
Somewhere the present scenario is a reflection of policy level measures which flow from the LAHDC or the Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council, vested with the powers of devising policy and governance.
Though LAHDC provided subsidies for building these structures, the instructions for its usage and maintenance were vague.
The LAHDC has proposed to replace the temporary tents known as Changpas, provided by the local authorities to the nomadic shepherds, by proper huts made of timber and mud.