LAJCCLos Angeles Junior Chamber of Commerce (California)
LAJCCLos Angeles Job Corps Center (California)
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22) Leon Lewis, the former national secretary of the ADL, had created the LAJCC in 1934 as an autonomous, self-appointed umbrella organization of local representatives of all of the major national Jewish organizations as well as local Jewish social and communal leaders.
Thus, for example, throughout the 1930s the LAJCC and ADL repeatedly opposed the production of a film called Mad Dog of Europe, which, had it been made, would have been a stinging indictment of Hitler and Nazi Germany.
Lewis had not yet created the LAJCC and was still serving as the primary ADL representative in Los Angeles.
Even the AJC and LAJCC agreed that the ADL had been oversensitive in this case, with one AJC leader even arguing that the film's ambiguous image of Jews was a virtue: because it showed Jews with flaws, it successfully walked the thin line between sympathy for the Jews and pro-Jewish propaganda.
58) Gutstadt therefore asked the LAJCC to use its contacts at the studio to ensure that the ADL's concerns were addressed.
For over 80 years the LAJCC has played an active role in shaping Los Angeles for the better.
Through our partnership with the LAJCC as well as with organizations such as the American Junior Golf Association and the Johnson Junior Golf Tour, TomatoBank is able to positively affect the lives of youth through scholarship assistance and financial literacy education," said Dr.