LAJSLos Angeles Jewish Symphony
LAJSLos Angeles Jazz Society (est. 1985; Van Nuys, CA)
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Almost as soon as LAJS research began to appear in significant quantitites, observers began to inquire how the new field would correlate with existing ones.
Thinking about the backgrounds and outlooks that LAJS researchers bring to their work, Merkx notes: "as do all ethnic studies movements, research on Latin American Jewry represents in considerable measure a means to self-knowledge; therefore, a major proportion of the scholars contributing to this field are themselves of Jewish Latin American origin.
This concern is the rationale behind an approach that has been much discussed among LAJS researchers: Instead of looking at Latin American Jewish communities in relation to European ones, which can become a Eurocentric exercise, a new tendency is to compare Latin American Jewish communities with other ethnically distinctive groups within Latin America.
Of teaching faculty who are involved in LAJS, many are in literary studies.
LAJS in literature has witnessed a long-running discussion over which texts fall into the category of LAJ writing.
33] In identifying the areas where such expansion could take place, Aizenberg mentions the often-noted fact that most LAJS scholars function first and foremost as Latinamericanists.
While personal reminiscences have always held a place in LAJS, one may still single out as a new development the emergence of studies that draw both on individual memory and on scholarly investigation.