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LAKILimits of All Known Ice
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Dreams, laki, and mourning: A psychoanalytic ethnography of the Yagwoia 'inner feminine'.
Breathing problems caused by the sulfurous haze that wafted from Laki to Europe may have contributed to the early deaths of tens of thousands.
A number of businesses and individuals backed the project, including EH Smith, Woolmans Garden Centre, Mahoney's builders merchants, Jim Laki the Tree Fella, Stuart D and Sheldon Hire, as well as PS2,000 from Alderbrook School funds.
The eruptions of Laki, from 1783-4, killed 10,000 residents, plus 23,000 people in the UK as a poisonous cloud of sulphur dioxide drifted over the country.
The event was organised by Coventry University students Lucy Nolan and Gabriella Laki, who have been on a work placement at the Chace Hostel for the homeless in Willenhall.
ISTANBUL, September 07, 2011 (TUR) -- The Representative of Community Foundations in Turkey, Laki Vingas, said Wednesday that the Turkish government's recent decision to return the property of minorities was sincere and realistic and was an assurance of tranquility.
LAKI MERA THE PROXIMITY EFFECT THIS quartet Laki Mera have been compared to the likes of Cocteau Twins and Portishead among others and this debut album certainly suggests that, although their sound is eclectic enough to embrace electronica with more traditional instrumentation.
NBK Premium credit cards include Visa and MasterCard Platinum, Diners Club, Laki Titanium MasterCard, Thahabi World MasterCard, and Visa Infinite.
The Proximity Effect, the new, second album by their group Laki Mera shows how elegantly their personal relationship has informed their creativity.
The two men are 43 and 48, from the towns of Parvomaiy and Laki.