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LALILength of the Alignment (molecular biology term)
LALILocal Activation and Lateral Inhibition (mathematical biosciences)
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Lali Haines fills the role of Sylvia with high-octane energy, sass and ribald humor, her eyes glistening with good-time mischief.
Furthermore, in other cities, except Shoush, PGA value is in the proposed range of 2800 Standard; although this parameter is a bit more than that of 2800 Standard concerning Lali city.
Police claimed that Aftab and Sujeet withdrew the ill-gotten money through ATMs and sent it to Saudi Arabia through travelers on instructions of Shakeel, Lali and Javed.
When told that Lali, the last baby born with the same condition in 2008 in a remote Indian village died two months after her birth, Ms Young replied, "If I only get two days with the baby, I only get two days.
George Galvis, Lali Moheno and Tasha Williamson Each Receive $25,000 in Recognition of Their Dedication to Violence Prevention
THE PLOT: This comedy drama is based on four young lads - Hunny, Choocha, Lali and Zafar.
THEY opened gates at Pear yesterday, ju appeared tha floodgates m The Galway hu casual at times i the su s nsh co c u of laLI The Galway
8220;The main focus of the evening will be giving back to the charity: a rewarding opportunity that allows goodness to shine through,” says Lali Kemoklidze, CEO of VertexStars.
DRAWN in by the snarling, arrogant charms of Lali, Vic is at her mercy from the start.
said Lali Parikh, Strategic Content Manager, CE, Samsung Electronics UK.
Spartacus, for instance, changed her name from the perfectly serviceable (although still a tad unusual) Lali.
Huddleston Road" is a novel from John Toomey, telling of Vic, a man pursuing Lali, in a relationship that won't end well for them.