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LAMALaminin Alpha
LAMALocal Automatic Message Accounting
LAMALa Music Academy
LAMALatin American Motorcycle Association
LAMALarge-Aperture Mirror Array (University of British Columbia; Canada)
LAMALocal Alignment of Multiple Alignments
LAMALatin American Manufacturers Association
LAMALocal Area Media Award (fictional award; How I Met Your Mother; TV show)
LAMALaboratoire d'Analyse des Matériaux Actifs (French: Material Assets Analysis Laboratory)
LAMALibrary Administration and Management Association (American Library Association)
LAMALegal Assistant Management Association (now the Intrenational Paralegal Management Association IPMA)
LAMALeft Against Medical Advice
LAMALatin American Management Association
LAMALos Angeles Mortgage Association (California)
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Then the lama took snuff from a portentous wooden snuff-gourd, fingered his rosary awhile, and so dropped into the easy sleep of age, as the shadow of Zam-Zammah grew long.
The lama did not wake till the evening life of the city had begun with lamp-lighting and the return of white-robed clerks and subordinates from the Government offices.
It is not pillars but a Wheel from which I would be free,' said the lama.
I will teach thee other and better desires upon the road,' the lama replied in the voice of authority.
The hot and crowded bazars blazed with light as they made their way through the press of all the races in Upper India, and the lama mooned through it like a man in a dream.
Kim, fending the lama between excited men and excited beasts, sidled along the cloisters to the far end, nearest the -railway station, where Mahbub Ali, the horse-trader, lived when he came in from that mysterious land beyond the Passes of the North.
He halted at a dark arch and slipped behind the bewildered lama.
said Kim, pushing him lightly, and the lama strode away, leaving Kim at the edge of the cloister.
We go to Benares,' said the lama, as soon as he understood the drift of Mahbub Ali's questions.
Go, sit among my Baltis,' said Mahbub Ali, and the lama drifted off, soothed by the promise.
Go and lie down among my horseboys for tonight - thou and the lama.
The lama, sumptuously fed by Mahbub's Baltis, was already asleep in a corner of one of the stalls.