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LAMDLightweight Airborne Minefield Detection
LAMDLouisiana Middle District
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Judge Robinson concluded that not only was LAMD not a regional company based on its global presence, but that the convenience of the parties and the location of the documents and records were outdated factors.
This concept, the STAMIDS family, and LAMD are just three of the CM technologies being researched by the Army's CM Division.
We expect our NAND Flash competitiveness will be further strengthened by the acquisition of LAMD which has extensive expertise in controller technology and excellent engineering resources.
Using the FlashLINK2 platform, LAMD can develop and ship samples of a new, custom SSD controller product, complete with NAND management and host interface firmware, in as little as five months.
Since the start of the partnership in 2005, LAMD has developed and shipped HDD controller SoCs through the former NEC Electronics' advanced manufacturing processes.