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LAMDALondon Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (UK)
LAMDALarge Aperture Multiband Deployable Antenna
LAMDALondon and Manchester Document Access (document sharing project; UK)
LAMDALegacy Archive for Microwave Background Data Analysis
LAMDALook, Ask, Model, Discuss, Act (problem solving)
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Barclays is supporting LAMDA at this crucial phase, as it invests in facilities that will help it continue to nurture talented students and drive the future of the dramatic arts in the UK and around the world for years to come.
Last week, a spokesperson from Lamda contacted by Arabian Business refused to confirm the status of the deal.
El metodo Lamda es de clasificacion de tipo difuso que permite distinguir entre caracteristicas de objetos de diferentes clases, conserva parametros representativos de cada una y, en caso de no reconocer alguno de estos parametros, crea una nueva clase significativa inicializada con dicho objeto.
Based on our results we can speculate that the interferon lamda gene is key to increasing the success of therapy, as such therapy could, in theory, compensate for the effect of the polymorphism.
Taking the title role is Nathan Hannan, who after training at LAMDA has enjoyed a string of theatre and TV credits.
The Lamda Literary Foundation handed its Pioneer Award to Stone Butch Blues author Leslie Fienberg during its lit awards in May.
n And there's an interesting prospect 24 hours earlier, on Friday, when the youngsters of Birmingham's Stage 2 present their LAMDA showcase evening, showing the kind of work they do in their customarily highly successful pursuit of approval by the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.
Workshops and papers address such issues as fuzzy rule based load balancing models, lamda calculus models, scheduling algorithms, job migration and fault tolerance, automatic and scalable testing tools, adaptive workflow processing, business model analysis of mobile data services, mobile runtime environments, mobile advertising in China, improved efficiency of network topology discovery, scheduling on the critical path, privacy and acceptance of systems, real-time wireless video, credit risk assessment trough set theory and other methods, clustering for network positioning, and energy efficiency.
The trial, abbreviated LAMDA, was a double-blind multicenter European clinical trial in which 401 adults with ADHD, mean age 34 years, were randomized to 5 weeks of osmotic-release oral system (OROS) long-acting methylphenidate at 18, 36, or 72 mg once daily or to placebo.
At 17, I went to LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art).
She was a member of Pi Kappa Lamda and Phi Beta Kappa honor societies.
Maroussi Shopping Center, shopping and leisure center in the Maroussi district of Athens, the site of the Olympic Village, which is being developed by Lamda Real Estate Development and is due to open in the second quarter of 2005.