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LANCERComputer Assisted Corps Level Simulation
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It was Captain Osborne that cut down the French lancer who had speared the ensign.
you are forgetting Poniatowski's Red Lancers, the Cuirassiers, the Dragoons, and the whole boiling.
After the lancers there was a waltz; after the waltz a polka; and then a terrible thing happened; the music, which had been sounding regularly with five-minute pauses, stopped suddenly.
We were placed in line immediately behind the President and the Board of Overseers, and directly afterward the Governor of Massachusetts, escorted by the Lancers, arrived and took his place in the line of march by the side of President Eliot.
Lancer has long been a trusted source for effective skin care solutions and his first-class practice is a celebrated beauty destination for global patients and celebrity clientele alike.
0, the Lancer EX is also available in two other variants -- the balanced GLX 2.
The Lancer was an ambitious car because other Japanese cars companies had a firm toehold by the time it was launched, in addition to the established home brands which had reigned supreme for years.
Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (TYO: 7211), a Japan-based automaker, is updating its Lancer for the 2015 model year.
Lancer Label has come a long way in half a century.
Supreme Court should not have reformed the policy issued by Lancer so as to list plaintiffs as the insureds.
The first batch of 100 Taiwan-assembled Lancer Fortis will soon be shipped to the Middle East.
It's not just the capacious interior that's impressive; the Lancer utilises the exceptional build quality, engineering and reliability that Mitsubishi is known for, while offering a superior specifi cation as standard.