LANDMARCInternational Land Management Research Centre (Queensland, Australia)
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Consequently, the LANDMARC algorithm can be used into our project rationally and effectively by the appropriate conversion of scene.
In this sense, it is necessary to use LANDMARC method to distinguish and predict which direction the vehicle will drive, and upload the data from above steps.
A simulation result of the time cost for the computation of E along with the number of reference tags for LANDMARC algorithm is shown in Fig.
2) LANDMARC lacks the localization error compensation mechanism.
In the LANDMARC algorithm, because the estimation of the target tag fully relies on the selected set of the nearest tags, there is no extra measure to deal with the introduced error by these selected tags.
Based on the analysis of LANDMARC algorithm, the improvement of this algorithm should include both the efficiency and accuracy.
The localization accuracy is higher when using isosceles-triangle topologic structure-based LANDMARC algorithm without region division[25].
By the introduction of region division and localization accuracy compensation, both the accuracy and efficiency of the improved LANDMARC algorithm are enhanced.
The LANDMARC algorithm, VIRE algorithm, Adaptive K-Nearest algorithm, WPME and the proposed algorithm (improved LANDMARC algorithm) are used to localize each target tag for 300 times.
11(a) and (b), although the localization accuracy of the virtual reference tag-based algorithm VIRE is higher than the LANDMARC algorithm, the improved LANDMARC has a remarkable higher localization accuracy compared with VIRE.
Because the computation of Adaptive K-Nearest, WPME and VIRE algorithm are rather complex, the time cost for their localization is higher than that of LANDMARC algorithm obviously.
12, as the number of reference tag increases, the time cost of the LANDMARC algorithm also rises higher than the improved LANDMARC algorithm.