LANSSLeeds Assessment of Neuropathic Symptoms and Signs (scale)
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Nevertheless the original LANSS tool has shown sensitivity to treatment effects (Khedr et al 2005) but this is an area that requires more investigation.
Correlation analysis of the QST values with the LANSS points, age, gender, cigarette smoking, and with all diabetic parameters were also performed.
In 10 (8 women and 2 men) out of 50 diabetic patients, the LANSS point was higher than 12 (LANSS > 12).
In diabetic patients, there was a weak correlation with LANSS and hand cold detection values (0.
When we compared the patients with higher and lower LANSS points with normal controls, the mean values of hand warm detection, hand heat pain threshold and foot heat pain threshold were significantly different and they were higher in the LANSS>12 group than the control and LANSS<12 groups.
LANSS is a valuable test in diagnosis of the neuropathic pain that appears due to nerve injury that may relate to several different reasons (4).
In the study conducted in Belgium (26), LANSS has been performed in 2480 patients with pain.
Although, any significant correlation between LANSS point level and QST results could not be established in our study, QST abnormality rate was higher and there was at least one abnormality in all patients with higher LANSS points.
On the other hand, the finding of 100% rate of the least abnormality in patients with higher LANSS points was in favor of the sensitive assessment of the neuropatic pain with LANSS.
As a result, this study has provided a normative QST data of Turkish population, and has demonstrated that all diabetic patients with higher LANSS points had at least one QST thermal detection abnormality.