LAPLLos Angeles Public Library
LAPLLake Alfred Public Library (Lake Alfred, FL)
LAPLLafayette Association of Petroleum Landmen (Louisiana)
LAPLLead Allowance Parts List
LAPLLibrary Association Publishing Limited (Library Association; UK)
LAPLLuther Area Public Library (Michigan)
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Just one example of where LAPL has boldly stepped up concerns the path to becoming a U.
They can also write reviews of manga and other books that are later posted on the LAPL teen web page.
LAPL approached TOKYOPOP, one of the country's largest manga publishers, to assist with their literacy program in January.
Response to the program launch at Central Library was so successful that other LAPL branches began their reading clubs one month early.
At his death in 1933, the LAPL boasted of having 1.
The LAPL had operated a program since 1891, taking the "crude, untrained local supply" of young women and transforming them through education and experience into library professionals (Los Angeles Public Library Training-Class, 1892, p.
Like at LAPL, hoopla helped HPL with marketing and provided training.
LAPL has been an OverDrive customer since around 2005, and "they've also been a very good company for us," says Murphy.
In addition, because LAPL subscribes to TLC/CARL's YouSeeMore product, it is able to offer book jacket images and tables of contents in the catalog search results title list, as well as full record displays.
The best way we can conquer illiteracy is by calling or visiting our local branch library and participating in the LAPL Literacy Program.
It's much to the credit of Kent that the LAPL is something that Angelenos can be proud of.
Holmes, who has spent 30 years with the LAPL, was the manager on the massive reconstruction project