LAPPLLos Angeles Police Protective League
LAPPLLatin American Professional Paintball League
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Similarly, DOJ argued that LAPPL had no protectable interest in the consent decree.
Unlike the United Firefighters of Los Angeles City, the LAPPL has not waged a public campaign over the issue.
But we have serious concerns with the LAPPL proposal to make the police chief an elected position, which could politicize the job even more than it is.
As we have consistently said, training is the backbone of police work," said Tim Sands, LAPPL president.
For Bernie Parks, the equation is simple -- 'If the LAPPL and the rank and file is for something, I'm against it,'" the editorial says.
While the LAPPL will not always agree with Chief Bratton -- and we do not expect that he will always be in agreement with the officers union -- during his term in office he has shown the willingness to hear our views.
You are also off base suggesting that the LAPPL has not tried to bring attention to the greater problems of the consent decree.
The LAPPL strongly supports the California Supreme Court ruling that police officers have the right to keep their personnel records private,'' League President Bob Baker said in a statement.
The LAPPL is deeply disillusioned with the decision,'' he said in a printed statement.
With our state and nation simultaneously facing both economic challenges and preparations for war, it is important for members of Congress to analyze our spending and allocate funds appropriately to sustain us through this difficult time,'' LAPPL President Bob Baker wrote to city, state and federal officials.