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LAPSALineas Aereas Paraguayas SA (Spanish: Paraguayan Airline SA)
LAPSALaboratory Accreditation Program for Substance Abuse (Canada)
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Although this latter case is considered inferior in terms of combustion efficiency for the U-shaped channel in the work of Lapsa and Dahm, here it is the desired mechanism to be exploited.
However, there is a limit to this process: beyond this limit, we find neither an essence that cannot be further unveiled, nor the natura lapsa, the "mere corporeality," but rather "only the veil itself, appearance itself, which is no longer the appearance of anything" ("Nudity" 85).
En otros terminos: la expresion corporal, partiendo de su opacidad y revelando la condicion personal del cuerpo progresivamente, obedece a una situacion de fragilidad y no transparencia completa del alma, que en este caso no es necesaria, sino empirica (por Revelacion sabemos que hubo un primer pecado en el origen del estado de natura lapsa o caida).
In a new book chronicling the Troubles, Marcus Lapsa remembers how he and his fellow soldiers would blast out Hymns & Arias at the top of their lungs to keep the rioters awake all night, leaving them too tired to cause any more chaos during the day.
BMW Sauber's Nick Heidfeld and Renault driver Fernando Alonso complained they were impeded on their flying lapsA and the McLaren duo were penalised by race stewards.
huc omnis turba ad ripas effusa ruebat, matres atque viri defunctaque corpora vita magnanimum heroum, pueri innuptaeque puellae, impositique rogis iuvenes ante ora parentum: quam multa in silvis autumni frigore primo lapsa cadunt folia, aut ad terram gurgite ab alto quam multae glomerantur aves, ubi frigidus annus trans pontum fugat et terris immittit apricis.
Enter Marcus Lapsa and Clare Roddis, two Coventry residents with fantasies of superstardom.
cuncta potest igitur tacito pede lapsa uetustas praeterquam curas attenuare meas.
The hard-nosed entrepreneur has steered successfully through Brazil's hyperinflation years, and he recently quieted critics with his turnaround of LAPSA, the long-troubled Paraguayan airline.
El tozudo presidente guio con exito a TAM durante los anos de la hiperinflacion en Brasil y recientemente calmo a los criticos al reflotar a LAPSA, la acosada aerolinea paraguaya.
Q]ui de mortali progenie merito iusteque damnata tantum populum gratia sua colligit, ut inde suppleat et instauret partem, quae lapsa est angelorum, ac sic ilia dilecta et superna ciuitas non fraudetur suorum numero ciuium, quin etiam fortassis et uberiore laetetur.