LAPSSLarge Area Pulsed Solar Simulator
LAPSSLos Angeles Prehospital Stroke Screen
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Three vignettes were positive for stroke diagnosis according to the LAPSS and CPSS, while four vignettes described patients with hypoglycaemia and dehydration, ptosis, tardive dyskinesia and ataxia secondary to alcohol intoxication.
Both the LAPSS and the CPSS were used as gold standard, i.
In general, there was a tendency by the sample at both levels of care (BLS and ILS) to rely on specific signs and symptoms, rather than using validated stroke screening tools such as CPSS and LAPSS.
Doctors are hoping the LAPSS guidelines and, in the future, the creation of specially designated stroke centers will help Los Angeles become a model for stroke treatment across the nation.
This type of aggressive treatment is, at this point, well beyond the jurisdiction of paramedics, even those well-versed in the LAPSS guidelines.