LAPULive at Power-Up (field-programmable gate arrays)
LAPULoad As a Percent of Use
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Lapus hit the headlines late last year when she informed the public about the condition of the late actress Isabel Granada.
Lapus and other guests drove to Anuga Food Fair in Germany, the world's biggest food exhibition.
Last year in September, Lapus brought Philippine sauces during the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation's (APEC) meeting of women entrepreneurs at the Nusa Dua Convention Centre in Bali, Indonesia.
In May, Lapus had hosted the launching of cooking contests of nine privately-run primary and secondary Philippine schools in the Middle East and Shanghai, at Manila's Aristocrat restaurant.
Total quantity or scope: Works contract MM-CL-12 Rehabilitation and expansion of the distribution network and wastewater network in Seine, Sabisa and Targu Lapus
He clarified that she is still in the hospital and fighting for her life, news that was amplified by Lapus and Dreyfus.
Lapus cited the company's difficulty to export rum vinegar because other countries classified this product as alcohol.
Lapus said they will start exporting to ASEAN countries next year.
Lapus said the new facility will be fully operational by 2017.
Lapus shared, "Feeling ko wala namang pinipili ang love.
In the meantime, Lapus will star in "Echorsis," along with Benjamin Alves, Alex Medina, Alessandra de Rossi, Joem Bascon, among others.
Echorsis" sees Lapus playing a ghost who possesses the body of his ex-boyfriend (Medina).