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LAQLymphedema Association of Quebec (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
LAQLanguage Assessment Quarterly (international journal)
LAQLife Activities Questionnaire
LAQLong Arc Quad
LAQLIN (Line Item Number)/Quantity/Amount (US Army)
LAQLegal Aid Queensland (Australian government agency)
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The LAQ typically had between 25 and 30 items, depending on the number of readings and other specific learning activities we wished to evaluate during a given semester.
The LAQ was simple and quick to construct, taking about 15-20 minutes to create each year.
At the end of the course, students in each section anonymously completed the LAQ without the professor present.
Professors met to review LAQ ratings twice each year.
The LAQ was employed by six professors teaching 215 students in 11 different sections of a generalist practice course over a 5-year period.
During the 1st year the LAQ was used, the majority of low-rated items were replaced.
the Cairns and Townsville offices of LAQ provided disproportionately few advice services to women in relation to domestic violence and received lower than their population shares of legal aid applications from women in relation to domestic violence; * the Southport office received relatively low proportions of family law and anti-discrimination applications from women.
In particular, they noted that older women tend to be reluctant to invoke the legal system for problems they may experience, and might have limited access to support services that would refer clients to LAQ.
Moreover, Indigenous women may feel shy dealing with white people and there were suggestions that they were deterred by the lack, or perceived invisibility, of Aboriginal Liaison Officers in LAQ offices.
The presence of NQWLS may certainly account for the low levels of advice given to women by the Cairns and Townsville offices of LAQ on domestic violence matters, and the low proportions of applications to those offices for domestic violence matters.
Transport difficulties in accessing the Southport office of LAQ also seem to have been a particular problem in this region.
Indigenous women were refused legal aid for domestic violence at a high rate in the Toowoomba (36%), Townsville (38%) and especially the Cairns (48%) offices of LAQ, compared to a much lower refusal rate (11%) in Brisbane.