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LARCLangley Research Center
LARCLiver and Activation-Regulated Chemokine (cell protein)
LARCLondon Action Resource Centre
LARCLighter, Amphibious Resupply, Cargo
LARCLong Acting Reversible Contraception
LARCLearning and Academic Resource Center (University of California, Irvine)
LARCLegal Advice and Referral Center (Concord, NH)
LARCLatin America Research Center (Brazil)
LARCLaboratory for Recreational Computing
LARCLabor Archives and Research Center
LARCLutheran-Anglican-Roman Catholic
LARCLivermore Automatic Research Computer
LARCLancaster Amateur Radio Club (Lancaster, New York, USA)
LARCLearning Assistance and Resource Center (various locations)
LARCLoudoun Association for Retarded Citizens (Virginia)
LARCLos Angeles Rugby Club
LARCLibrary and Resource Center (various locations)
LARCLight Amphibious Resupply Craft
LARCLegal Analysis, Research and Communications (law school class; various locations)
LARCLorenger Aerospace & Research Corporation
LARCLibrary Assessment Review Committee
LARCLimited Automatic Remote Collector (US NOAA)
LARCLee Association for Retarded Citizens (Lee County Florida)
LARCLaser Ranging Countermeasures Program
LARCLearning and Resource Centre (UK)
LARCLocal Admission/Rate Controller
LARCLowest Adjacent Road Crown
LARCLeveck Animal Research Center
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Though Reproductive Justice: A Global Concern and Reproductive Politics: What Everyone Needs to Know are both geared toward educating the novice reproductive justice reader and therefore offer broad overviews of reproductive rights and justice, both authors fail to take advantage of an opportunity to note the association between population control and LARC, thereby inadequately preparing the reader to understand the reproductive justice implications of these methods.
12) The opinion, released in 2012, is a reaffirmation of one issued in 2007, and it examines the key evidence and benefits of adolescent LARC use.
The implanted LARC devices last three to 10 years, are easily reversible, and women don't have to remember to do anything with them, in contrast to the birth-control pill," said Penina Segall-Gutierrez, co-investigator of the study and an assistant professor of clinical obstetrics and gynecology and family medicine at the Keck School.
LARC use increased 3 years after the physician champions joined the staff, with an odds ratio of 5.
It is important that women choose a method of contraception that suits them and for many women LARC methods are an ideal choice as they don''t have to remember to take them everyday.
Al Hamli said that LARC is actively participating in improving legal policies and strategies in addition to proposing recommendations relating to legal reforms through advice forwarded to the Government of Dubai.
It was from there that Adeyinka joined LARC and started coordinating their outreach programmes with communities.
The inaugural ULI LARC 2009 Awards were presented in four categories: design, place, enterprise and idea.
Perhaps a weakness in her otherwise exhaustive discussion of the LARC churches' appeal to communion ecclesiology is a tendency to overlook the importance of intermediate structures of communion in the present context of the churches.
It was discovered by one of the clients at LARC, home to mentally retarded men and women, some who have been there since birth and range in age to 80 years.
LARC methods mean that the user does not have to think about them every day, reducing the risk of forgetting to take the Pill or using a condom incorrectly.
One LARC crewman stated, "Every other place where we have operated, we had visited the beach before, or we trained with the LARCs there before and it was easy.