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LARDLocality Aware Request Distribution
LARDLymphocyte-Associated Receptor of Death
LARDLos Angeles Racing Dragons (paddling club; Los Angeles, CA)
LARDLaboratoires Associés de Radiophysique et de Dosimétrie (French: Radiophysics and Dosimetry Associate Laboratories)
LARDLanguage for Asynchronous Research and Development (UK)
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He also brought a great ball of lard from what they had in the house, and the suitors warmed the bow and again made trial of it, but they were none of them nearly strong enough to string it.
They made old-fashioned lard soap recipes with potash: a caustic potassium chloride solution derived from leeching rainwater through hardwood ashes.
No matter what ingredients your recipe calls for, using lard as the shortening will ensure a rich, flaky biscuit.
3 Allow the lard to warm up to room temperature but don't melt it.
Put the flour, salt, sugar, butter and lard in a bowl, and then working quickly using your fingertips, rub them into the flour.
Very few respondents, less than five per cent, use butter and lard.
Dice the lard and put it in a pan with the water, gently heat.
com dough dried and ground into flour; to use, mix with lard or butter, baking powder, and broth or other liquid.
In this issue of Farm Collector, we take a gander at collections of everything from steam traction engines to IHC Electrall systems to horse-drawn implements to lard tins.
In the last few years, revelations related to pork and lard being mixed in food and food products have surfaced.