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LARKLivermore Amateur Radio Klub
LARKLivingston Amateur Radio Klub (Howell, MI)
LARKLost Arts Revival by Kreofsky (Kellogg, MN)
LARKLorain Area Racing Klub
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He selected for this purpose a vessel called the Lark, remarkable for her fast sailing.
The month of March arrived, and the Lark was ordered by Mr.
A stout stately dame received them with a smile; but she expressed much dissatisfaction that a common field-bird, as she called the lark, should appear in such high society.
While my eyes were still fixed on the softly glowing figure, I saw it fade away upward and upward into the higher light, as the lark vanishes upward and upward in the morning sky.
As on his first visit, the larks were uttering their rich notes and fluttering up before the horses until the woods and the flower-scattered glades were reached, when the larks gave way to blue jays and woodpeckers.
A herd of cattle was being driven along the road from the village, and over the fields the larks rose trilling, one after another, like bubbles rising in water.
Larks trilled unseen above the velvety green fields and the ice-covered stubble-land; peewits wailed over the low lands and marshes flooded by the pools; cranes and wild geese flew high across the sky uttering their spring calls.
Prior to this, the land on which Lark Lane was formed was largely agricultural, with expansive fields totally devoid of development.
to find a car burning in the driveway and the garage in flames, Lark said.
The book is carefully constructed to provide both the protagonist and the reader with room for reflection, while also remaining highly readable and engaging as Lark alternates between realities.
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