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LARKSLanguage for Advertisement and Request for Knowledge Sharing (software agent interoperability)
LARKSLake Area Radio Kontrol Society (est. 1968; Carlyss, LA)
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He selected for this purpose a vessel called the Lark, remarkable for her fast sailing.
The month of March arrived, and the Lark was ordered by Mr.
A stout stately dame received them with a smile; but she expressed much dissatisfaction that a common field-bird, as she called the lark, should appear in such high society.
Already he could turn almost without a sigh from the School-gates, from which had just scampered off East and three or four others of his own particular set, bound for some jolly lark not quite according to law, and involving probably a row with louts, keepers, or farm-labourers, the skipping dinner or calling-over, some of Phoebe Jennings's beer, and a very possible flogging at the end of all as a relish.
No, no," said he; "the owl enters not the nest of the lark.
The fingers which drew it from the envelope were perfectly steady, he even lifted his head for a moment to look at a lark just overhead.
While my eyes were still fixed on the softly glowing figure, I saw it fade away upward and upward into the higher light, as the lark vanishes upward and upward in the morning sky.
13, 13 Lark Lane/ Larks, 22 Lark Lane Both these quirky, individual gift shops, almost opposite each other in the Lane, are owned by Phil Southall.
Nor could it explain how, when my late wife and I were eventually able to take six/seven day holidays to Italy, I turned into a lark again within little more than 24 hours.
Larks belong to order Passeriformes and family Alaudidae.
Worse, the survey revealed that a maximum of 358 Sidamo Larks remain.
there's all kinds of other things to do, amusement parks and things like that, but I thought pretty animals on a nice spring day would be a good thing for the kids,'' Larks said.