LASVLow Altitude Supersonic Vehicle
LASVLand, Air, Sea Vehicle
LASVLos Altos Solar Vehicle (Hacienda Heights, California)
LASVLietuvos Asociacija Sportas Visiems (Lithuanian: Lithuanian Association of Sports for All)
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Our own offensive fleet could be just as versatile, composed of missile corvettes paired with missile-equipped LASVs working in coordination with undersea systems and long-range bombers armed with hypersonic missiles.
Samples were tested at a 1:100 dilution according to manufacturer specifications (CHIKV, CCHFV, WNV, DENV, OW-HANVs, LASV, and Leptospira spp.
The new Directorship of LASV Enterprises has ceased and terminated the dealings of any and all representatives/agents or purported representatives/agents of the company.
Total nucleic acids were extracted from lung samples and tested for the presence of LASV RNA by using a real-time PCR system amplifying a 400-bp fragment of the large genomic segment (8 (online Technical Appendix).
Sequencing results matching arenavirus sequences were mapped to the LASV strain Josiah (GenBank accession no.
Although this question was previously overlooked because of the restricted geographic distribution of many etiologic agents of VHF for which VSV-based vaccines have been tested, the emergence of EBOV in countries in West Africa to which LASV is endemic has heightened concerns of use and efficacy of 1 vaccine platform against multiple agents of VHF (8).
Samples that were malaria negative by thick blood smear and were from patients whose illness failed to respond to antimicrobial drugs were initially tested in the Lassa Diagnostic Laboratory for LASV antigen by antigen detection ELISA and for LASV-specific IgM by IgM-capture ELISA.
LASV has a bisegmented genome: the nucleoprotein (NP) and glycoprotein (GP) genes are on the small RNA segment, and the polymerase (L) and matrix protein (Z) genes are on the large RNA segment.
LASV is extremely excited about the completion of the acquisition and the potential to capitalize as the sole player of this upward climbing market.
Although we cannot exclude the possibility of asymptomatic infection, we found no evidence of secondary transmission of LASV among the respondents.
RT-PCR results positive for LASV was seen in 35 (19%) of 184 patients.
LASV remains in compliance and current with their filings.