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LATLos Angeles Times
LATLarge Area Telescope (NASA)
LATLocal Area Transport
LATLatex Agglutination Test (laboratory method)
LATLand Transport Authority (Singapore)
LATLanguage of Term
LATLoad Address Table
LATLan Accelerating Technology
LATLdap Administration Tool
LATLiability Adequacy Test (insurance)
LATLowest Astronomical Tide
LATLiving Apart Together (relationship)
LATLocal Address Table
LATLandes ASten Treffen (German student advocacy)
LATLicensed Athletic Trainer
LATLatest Acceptance Time (shipping)
LATLeaving Air Temperature
LATLower Assessment Threshold (air quality)
LATLinear Algebra Toolkit (mathematics)
LATLocal Apparent Time
LATLand Appreciation Tax
LATLaughing At That
LATLoad Allocation Table (UK)
LATLocal Access Terminal
LATLot Acceptance Test (purchasing tool)
LATLight Anti-Tank
LATLibrary Automation Technologies (est. 2001)
LATLow-Altittude Transport (dropships)
LATLashkar-E-Tayyaba (anti-India insurgent group)
LATLocal Activation Time (electrocardiology)
LATLimited Authority to Teach (instructor approval)
LATLanguage Aptitude Test
LATLinear Attenuation Coefficient
LATLumberman's Association of Texas
LATLand Air Temperature
LATLidocaine, Adrenaline and Tetracaine (topical anesthetic)
LATLife Adjustment Team (mental health)
LATLow-Alarm Threshold
LATLocal Access Telephony
LATLeast Attained Time
LATLiebherr-Aero-Technik GmbH (German corporation)
LATList of Factory Options Available (Sunbeam Tiger Owner's Association)
LATLook Ahead Test (seismic recording equipment)
LATLiquid Apogee Thruster (spacecrafts)
LATLigue Anti-Texto (group against SMS language in forums)
LATLaser Acquisition & Tracking
LATLaboratory Assessment Team
LATLogicon Advanced Technology
LATLocal Area Telephony
LATLook Ahead Technology
LATLogistics Assistance Team
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The authors try to address unfamiliarity or potential confusion with Fink's taxonomy and terminology by starting each LAT chapter with a definition and description of the domain.
Lat 26[degrees] is a pioneer in the Premium Marine Product industry and always strives to produce the absolute best product on the market at a very consumer-friendly cost.
It was reported yesterday that the transaction is an all-stock, cashless deal, wherein NanoAntibiotics acquired LAT Pharma LLC in a triangular merger in exchange for 39,820,000 newly-issued shares of the firm's common stock.
In an all-stock, cashless deal, NanoAntibiotics acquired LAT Pharma LLC in a triangular merger in exchange for 39.
That Lat accomplishes this tall order while writing about an elbow law clerk at the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, a run-of-the-mill appellate jurisdictional question, and the oddball, conniving, and ultimately brilliant judges at the "fictional" Ninth Circuit, is all the more impressive.
Explaining the need for the LAT and the scholarship program, Prof.
heavy hitters are getting stuck into Australia but there has also been money for Lat hawill, which suggests he is showing up well at home.
Since Wednesday, it has no longer been possible to make payments in Latvian lats, the two-week dual circulation period having ended on 14 January.
The findings come from interviews with 572 randomly selected people in LAT relationships, followed by 50 semi-structured interviews about people's experiences and 16 in-depth biographical, life history interviews.
113) and given the 'cracks' that always appeared in the models that Jennings presumes to have determined Dh Lat's history: given these problems, one has to wonder if the question of the relevance of imperial visions and ideas hatched in the metropole to the story of Da Lat and the European enterprises in colonial southeast Asia has not been begged.
A quality LAT also serves as a quality assurance check against the company's legal management policies and can serve to identify new areas of opportunities in the efficient delivery of legal services.
Some WIMPs may mutually annihilate when pairs of them interact, a process expected to produce gamma rays - the most energetic form of light - that the LAT is designed to detect.