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LAXLos Angeles, CA, USA - Los Angeles International Airport (Airport Code)
LAXLa Crosse (Wisconsin, USA)
LAXLatin American Xchange (TNA Tag Team)
LAXLanternfish (FAO fish species code)
LAXLos Angeles Exhibition (visual and performing arts; est. 1994)
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Michael McGregor, professor of English and creative writing at Portland State University visited Lax in Europe and carried on an extensive correspondence with him for 15 years.
Runways 24R and 24L on the existing north airfield now handle nearly half of all aircraft traffic at LAX.
Well, three days later, Lax says he fell out of bed again, this time injuring his back and requiring corrective surgery.
Security at LAX has been studied extensively for the past four years, including a periodic review by the Rand Corp.
Terminal 2 has been operated professionally and efficiently, resulting in one of the highest utilization rates of the LAX unit terminals.
The city's living-wage program was developed more than a decade ago, along with a worker-retention ordinance at LAX, when a group of new concessionaires tried to reduce costs by firing longtime workers and paying less to new employees.
The SFO and LAX decisions highlight the use of conventional commercial leasing structures, with a single rental payment encompassing all related costs and a 'triple-net' format will likely be favored in the future.
The Federal Aviation Administration is looking at the equipment to determine what went wrong,'' LAX spokesman Paul Haney said.
Many employees of the Four Points Sheraton LAX have to work more than one job to make ends meet and cannot afford to pay for the health insurance the hotel offers its employees.
The south airfield improvement project is the first phase of the $4 billion LAX modernization plan, which had been held up for years in legal challenges until a settlement was finalized in January.
The FAA was initially interested in using our FLASHWAVE 4000 products at LAX because they have a proven track record in other airports, including the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, as well as in carrier-class telecommunication networks.
But Travel Security Administration officials claim, incredibly, that things are moving along just fine at LAX.