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LAYLook after Yourself
LAYLapin Yliopisto (University of Lapland, Finland)
LAYLatin American Youth (student organization; Baruch College; New York, NY)
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It lay on that side of him which was not the side on which she stood.
The rope hung down from the cliff, and the clew and belt lay beside her.
Late in the afternoon my horse, which had been standing with dragging rein before the cave, started slowly down the trail, evidently in search of food and water, and I was left alone with my mysterious unknown companion and the dead body of my friend, which lay just within my range of vision upon the ledge where I had placed it in the early morning.
114} She had so much way upon her that she ran half her own length on to the shore; {115} when, however, they had landed, the first thing they did was to lift Ulysses with his rug and linen sheet out of the ship, and lay him down upon the sand still fast asleep.
About the other city there lay encamped two hosts in gleaming armour, and they were divided whether to sack it, or to spare it and accept the half of what it contained.
Wherefore every man who buys a ticket must lay his account with losing the purchase money, which is the value of his own soul.
So they all lay upon the ground except the Scarecrow, and he stood up and stretched out his arms.
The wolf and the wild boar were first on the ground; and when they espied their enemies coming, and saw the cat's long tail standing straight in the air, they thought she was carrying a sword for Sultan to fight with; and every time she limped, they thought she was picking up a stone to throw at them; so they said they should not like this way of fighting, and the boar lay down behind a bush, and the wolf jumped up into a tree.
Having thus satisfactorily arranged this important duty for Helium, I started the following day for the Valley Dor that I might remain close to the Temple of the Sun until the fateful day that should see the opening of the prison cell where my lost love lay buried.
I had gone as far as was prudent, and I lay back with a glow of secret satisfaction.
So they went in, and lo, where they had put them, there lay the bottles of strange liquors, and they judged that age had not impaired their excellence.
The count returned and lay down behind the partition.