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The astronomical text LBAT 1216 is a goal-year text for the year 81 SE (231/30 B.
Lines 10-13 of the goal-year text LBAT 1216 present the phenomena of Jupiter: the account of the observations starts in 1.
12) Except for Olmstead, (13) later commentators using the goal-year text LBAT 1216 also accepted Kugler's theory.
The only difference between these tablets and LBAT 1216 visible on the copies is the absence of a dividing line that normally marks the end of a paragraph.
Sachs included the goal-year text LBAT 1216 as text 12 in his article on the classification of the non-mathematical astronomical texts.
The correct interpretations of the goal-year text LBAT 1216 and the Saros Tablet BM 34576 no longer show chronological problems.
Some caution is called for, however, in the case of the earlier shift between 748-731, because the information used in the relevant calculation was derived from a single tablet, LBAT 1413, the dating of which is likely but not entirely secure (Sachs and Schaumberger 1955: xxxi).
One can mention LBAT 1597, which is dealt with by M.
10 Add to the corpus of iatromathematical texts in LBAT the following texts: LBAT 1597 (for II.
Figures 2 and 3 clearly show the large individual differences in LBATs and concentrations in study subjects at different ages; these figures also show that single measurements alone do not reveal inter-individual differences in past exposure.
With regards to the individual LBATs presented in this study, it is evident that the highest concentrations occurred in the older NOWAC women when they were adults, whereas the younger MISA women experienced peak exposures at birth.
LBATs predicted by CoZMoMAN suggested large differences in the concentrations to which the MISA and NOWAC women had been exposed in the past.