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LBDLittle Black Dress
LBDLigand Binding Domain
LBDLewy Body Dementia (aka Lewy Body Disease)
LBDLesbian Bed Death
LBDLondon Beth Din
LBDLittle Black Duck
LBDLaser Beam Detector
LBDLittle Brothers' Disease (band)
LBDLost Bather Drill (Life guarding)
LBDLocal Bills Discounted
LBDLaser Beam Defocus (mechanism)
LBDLibrary Book Discussion (teenagers)
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Designer Jane Davies said: "People don't have as much money to spend on fashion at the moment so they're getting things out of their wardrobes and revamping them - the LBD is a perfect example.
We are keen to further expand the reach of Mosaic, and our new agreement with LBD Life Sciences will allow us to give our Chinese customers the same level of support as that enjoyed by our customers in other regions, Edmund Wilson, Titian s CEO, said, commenting on the growing execution of the Mosaic sample management software in Asia.
They all look stunning and it's clear to see why the LBD has lived on through the years.
HOLLYWILLOUGHBY, 30 This Morning presenter Holly opts for an LBD with plunging neckline and looks incredible.
Drug treatment requires very close monitoring, since certain medications that are given to people with AD and Parkinson's disease can worsen LBD symptoms," Dr.
These results suggested that Hbo1 promotes a robust ubiquitination of the ER[alpha] LBD.
The proper diagnosis and treatment of LBD can help with these symptoms and allow patients and families to seek more information and resources for this serious condition.
Footwear will start at $240, and the star's SJP LBD collection will be available at $395, according to the release.
We asked six special guests to model their favourite LBD and tell us the stories behind them.
At the time, the little black dress was intended to be an affordable piece with a neutral color, so popular has it been that it's even picked up its own acronym: LBD.