LBEPLeveda Brown Environmental Park (Alachua County, FL)
LBEPLegal Barriers to Employment Project (San Francisco, CA)
LBEPLibrary Board Education Program (Montana)
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1 The following is the scope of work necessary for calibration, maintenance and repair of inbound and outbound scales and two tunnel scales located at the Alachua County Transfer Station in the Leveda Brown Environmental Park (LBEP) at 5115 NE 63rd Avenue, Gainesville, FL and a floor scale located in the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) located in the LBEP at 5121 NE 36 Avenue, Gainesville, FL.
The LBEP will be a separate program in addition to the Coordinated Examination Program (CEP).
The Service designed a Large Business Examination Classification and Selection Program (LBECS) as part of the LBEP.