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LBFLondon Book Fair (UK)
LBFLive Breathe Futbol (Philadelphia, PA)
LBFPounds of Force
LBFLast, Best and Final (agreements)
LBFLeukaemia & Blood Foundation (New Zealand)
LBFLes Bonnes Femmes (French: The Good Women; crime drama)
LBFNorth Platte, NE, USA - Lee Bird Field (Airport Code)
LBFLow Budget Film
LBFLoad Balancing Factor
LBFLibra Force
LBFLocal Basis Function Method
LBFLong Beam Flexural Strength
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SBA sponsored the participation of 19 Emirati and Arab publishers at LBF 2016 in collaboration with the Arab Publishers Association and the Emirates Publishers Association.
Comparing the properties of the loblolly pine bio-oil and LBF with the white oak bio-oil and LBF, we find that water content of the white oak raw bio-oil contained 21.
Despite the EBU's hardline stance, it is understood organisers are certain that the fight will go ahead, and claim that the LBF are still fully committed to the bout.
Given that LBF is unable to compete with the two bigger shows in any of these areas (to be fair, the show does provide a good venue for rights trading, and is striving to keep up with electronic publishing issues), what is its raison d'etre?
The company has expanded the measurement capabilities of its three-component triaxial force link products from [+ or -] 1,800 lbf.
Summary: Te head of the Internal Security Forces (ISF), Major-General Ashraf Rifi, met with Lebanese Basketball Federation (LBF) president Pierre Kakhia on Thursday in order to discuss possible security measures to be taken at LBF stadiums and events for the remainder of a closely fought Finals series.
The company's eXpert lines of tabletop and floor-standing universal testing machines range in capacity from 1 kN (225 lbf.
Early figures are showing that the 2004 London Book Fair (LBF), has hosted a record number of foreign visitors, helping it become the busiest LBF ever.
The Ironless motors feature peak forces from 13 to 360 lbf.
The torquemeters have a high range of 200 to 4,000,000 lbf.