LBPGLietuvos Bendrosios Praktikos Gydytojas (Lithuanian: Lithuanian Journal of Practicing Doctors)
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The LBPG considers the Dominican education obtained by Peter as superior, since it was dedicated to Theology.
Suso Vila (2009) proposes an explanation to this double school formation present in the LBPG.
The interpretation by Suso Vila seems to be based on the assumption that the LBPG portrays what actually happened to Telmo.
But how should we understand the emphasis of the LBPG on the abandonment of the mundane sciences?
The emphasis given by the LBPG to the abandonment of the mundane sciences by Peter may, consequently, be founded on other cultural frameworks.
The LBPG, therefore, gives highlight to Peter Gonzalez's school formation, underlining, on one hand, his personal merits and discipline and, on the other hand, the divine inspiration.
After exposing and discussing about how education is approached in the hagiographies LStDci and LBPG, I present below the result of the confrontation between both texts, applying the methodology proposed by Veyne (1983).
The LStDci and the LBPG can be characterized as 'twin' texts, terminology employed by Veyne to emphasize the similarities between historical facts, even though the former is longer than the latter.
whereas the LStDci emphasizes the splendor of Palencia, the LBPG gives no highlight to this school;
if in both of the reports there is a hierarchy between types of knowledge, the LBPG seems to consider that a break with the liberal sciences is necessary so that the friar can be completely devoted to Theology;
The same does not happen in the narrative of the LBPG.
The LBPG was most likely composed few years after Peter's death with the sponsorship of the Tudense Cathedral.