LBPPLong Beach Party Project (California)
LBPPLogistics, Business and Public Policy (Robert H. Smith School of Business; University of Maryland)
LBPPLow Back Pain and Pelvic Pain (pregnancy)
LBPPLower Body Positive Air Pressure
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16) examined LBPP in the supine position and found a significant increase in MAP signifying that the LBPP produces an increase in central venous pressure that moves the blood from the lower legs to the upper thorax.
Practitioners working with patients using the LBPP treadmill should be aware that the actual cardiovascular responses are not proportional to the percent body weight supported condition.
The purpose of the present study was to add data on elite runners to the growing body of literature on LBPP treadmills.
All participants had also either regularly incorporated LBPP treadmill running into their weekly training using an LBPP treadmill, or had spent at least one hour running on the LBPP treadmill utilized in this study before commencing the study.
An LBPP treadmill device (AlterG[R] Anti-Gravity Treadmill[R], AlterG[R] P200, Fremont, CA) was used for the second testing day.
In the initial test at 0% BWS, we used the treadmill without LBPP because previous work from our lab has shown that at 0% BWS on the LBPP, the subject was supported to some extent, and we would expect a lower oxygen uptake at an identical speed than on a nonsupported treadmill (McNeill et al.
2015), which demonstrated the actual amount of BWS provided by a LBPP treadmill to be most accurate when between 10% and 40% BWS was provided.
Finally, notably, the inter-subject variability was much greater on the LBPP treadmill compared to the regular treadmill for V[O.
This is the first study to assess the metabolic demand of running on an LBPP treadmill among elite runners across this wide range of speeds and several different levels of BWS.
The application of LBPP has a clear role in attenuating the costs associated with supporting body weight vertically during the running gait.
Despite their "accommodation" to running on an LBPP treadmill, they still demonstrate a much greater variability in the relationship between velocity and metabolic cost.
As such, LBPP treadmill walking was initially beneficial for improving the participant's physical activity and exercise tolerance, along with healthful weight loss, a decrease in abdominal circumference and swelling due to lymphedema, and an overall improved sense of perceived health.