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LBRLiberia (ISO Country code)
LBRLibrary (File Name Extension)
LBRLilac Breasted Roller (bird)
LBRLamin B Receptor (cell biology)
LBRLibrary File
LBRLabel Bit Rate
LBRLandelijk Bureau Ter Bestrijding Van Rassendiscriminatie (Dutch: National Bureau against Racial Discrimination)
LBRLow Bit Rate
LBRLegislative Budget Request
LBRLaser Beam Recorder
LBRLate Blight Resistant (agriculture)
LBRLord Blackthorn's Revenge (game)
LBRLondon Bridge Resort (Arizona)
LBRLoad Backrest (forklift dimension)
LBRLittle Boy's Room
LBRLoad Balanced Routing
LBRLowville and Beaver River (railroad)
LBRLimerock Bearing Ratio (technical specifications)
LBRLoad Balancing Router
LBRLocal Base Rescue
LBRLaser Beam Rider
LBRLoose Body Removal (surgery)
LBRLosers Beyond Repair
LBRLabel Bit Rate (Cisco)
LBRLoopback Request
LBRLow Burning Rate
LBRLet's Be Real (various applications)
LBRlow birth-rate
LBRLarge Business Remote
LBRLong Barreled Revolver
LBRLearn by Rote
LBRLarge Breeder Reactor
LBRLow Band Radome (EA-6B program)
LBRLazy Boy Recordz
LBRLigand-Binding Repeat
LBRLow Band Receiver
LBRLocal Bridge Replacement
LBRLoad Bearing Ratio
LBRLoyalty before Royalty
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The LBR iiwa robot is available in two versions with payload capacities of 7 and 14 kilograms and reaches from 800 to 820 mm.
LBRs improved abrasion resistance while maintaining tensile properties, and showed a similar level of plasticizing effect in comparison to TDAE.
When the textural feature set is reduced, VFI and LBR remained good classifiers with an accuracy of 98.
The LBR protocol uses rlf(n) and link-ETX values to find a path which has the smallest end-to-end ETX value and the minimum remaining load factor of the nodes in the path is the highest.
The notional MOEs in Table 1 are consistent with the Army's Source Selection Evaluation Board (SSEB) preference for the three guidance technologies, in that the SSEB preferred FLIR over the other two guidance systems and perceived the FO system as being slightly better than the LBR system.
OpSec modified a standard LBR to improve the fringe-writing ability by tightening the track pitch from the usual DVD specification of 740 nm down to between 74 to 148 nm.
The standard LBR uses 200mm non-hubbed substrate glass, but 240mm hubbed or non-hubbed glass is also available.
LBR said the Irish authority had appeared to struggle to unearth evidence of new cartels, had launched limited dawn raids and had secured no positive results.
He argues that "the breadth of the LBR invites making decisions.
2% was observed in formulation 1 (TDAE) after 20 days; however, formulations 2-4 lost only half as much because of co-vulcanizability of LBR (figure 7).