LBRMLog-Based Reliable Multicast
LBRMLarge Basin Runoff Model
LBRMLoad-Based Route Manager
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When the number of nodes exceeds 1500, LBRM and SALB are basically reached a stable state, but the quality of SQS hasn't been improved too much yet, because it doesn't consider the emergency of the request and the receiver's bandwidth.
6, we start to record the data of the three algorithms when the number of overloaded nodes accounts for 10% of the total number of nodes in the network, within 0 to 200 seconds, the number of overloaded nodes was significantly declined in the network using LBRM and SQS, and the speed the number of overloaded nodes declining of SALB is slower than the first two algorithms.
In order to test the performance of LBRM algorithm with different experimental parameters, we have adjusted the parameters of the experiment.
In the initial stage, the growth rate of CI value of LBRM and SALB is higher than that of the SQS algorithm, the main reason is that the upload bandwidth of the node increases, which makes the number of nodes required for load transfer decrease.