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LBYLibya (ISO Country code)
LBYLook Behind You (record label)
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Smith could not hold any position as an officer, director, or active employee of LBY or serve in such capacity unofficially and/or free of charge.
The cases of SBX and LBY exemplify the appropriate application of administrative compliance agreements.
HVEDC), which will assist LBY Partners in finding worthy businesses in the Hudson Valley for loan opportunities and investments.
It is a pleasure to collaborate with LBY Partners to help the firm select loan opportunities and investments in the community," said Mike Oates, President and CEO of HVEDC.
Consequently, small farmers in Thailand have approached the factories of beer manufactures to obtain LBY for dairy cattle feeding.
Since both LBY and CVP have high moisture contents, the livestock feed must be stored in bunkers after mixing, in preparation for transportation to distant farmers.
All three measures of backfat (last lumber, 10th rib and 1st rib) were higher for LBY than all other breed types (Table 4), which was not surprising based on visual appraisal of phenotype and the fact that the breed was traditionally known as a bacon-type breed.
Again, based on visual appraisal of phenotype, it was not surprising that LBY pigs had smaller LMA than all but TY pigs.
The BY and LBY pigs were heavier than TY and YY pigs (7.
05), than BY and LBY pigs based on the 106 animals from the FIRE system (3.