LC-MSLiquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Technique
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According to the company, the Topaz System is a fully integrated LC-MS platform driven by ClearCore MD, the new and intuitive software designed specifically for use in clinical labs.
Guideto achieving reliable quantitative LC-MS measurements: RSC Analytical Methods Committee.
02%), it may not be ideal for the stringent demands of advanced or specialized HPLC or LC-MS applications, such as impurity profiling of pharmaceutical intermediates or active ingredients.
29 July 2014 - US Thermo Fisher Scientific (NYSE:TMO), active in serving science, said yesterday it had introduced a new high-performance liquid chromatograph (HPLC), mass spectrometer and LC-MS software at the 2014 Annual Meeting & Clinical Expo of the American Association for Clinical Chemistry (ACCC).
The researchers, who are among the first to employ ELISA to test environmental samples for antibiotics, say the assay is as sensitive as LC-MS for detecting target compounds in parts per billion, but is quicker, easier, and less expensive ($5-15 per sample, compared to about $150 for LC-MS, including sample preparation and instrumentation).
The strategic relationship with Bruker Daltonik fits perfectly in VWR's partner-strategy and will provide our customers with a complete range of products and services for the HPLC laboratory: Analytical and preparative systems, chromatography data systems (PC workstations as well as network versions), technical, quality and software services, and now also LC-MS systems," said VWR Scientific Instruments Business Director Patrick Surkyn.
Contract notice: Purchase of liquid chromatography with mass detector LC-MS / MS.
We propose adopting this approach for all cases of suspected HAB interference in Tg measurement, and hypothesize that this approach could be extended to other analytical targets that can be measured by LC-MS.
The PeptiQuant LC-MS Platform Performance Kit and the PeptiQuant Workflow Performance Kit are developed for use on the latest-generation standard-flow UHPLC-QQQ MS/MS platform of US measurement specialist Agilent Technologies Inc (NYSE:A), the latter said.