LC4Lumbar Spinal Cord
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Strains LSI19, F6 and LC4 were proved to be superior strains in all growth attributes.
2]) Year1 Total Percentage Zone1 LC1 371 TW1 72 TW2 95 850 33 % TW3 101 TW4 88 LC2 151 Zone2 TW5 77 430 17 % TW6 83 Zone3 LC3 89 200 8 % TW7 58 LC4 106 Zone4 TW8 121 460 18 % TW9 68 TW10 71 Zone5 DC 602 620 24 % 2,560 100 %
Loading Conditions Loading Hydrostatic Uplift Condition Body Weight Pressure Pressure Earthquake LC1 * -- * -- LC2 * * * -- LC3 * * * DBL (1st mode (I)) LC4 * * * DBL (2nd mode (II)) LC5 * * * MDL (1st mode) LC6 * * * MDL (2nd mode) LC7 * * * MCL (1st mode) LC8 * * * MCL (2nd mode) (I): Earthquake inertia loading and dam body weight act in the same direction.
The cavernous storage space under the centre console arm rest can even function as a cool box on LC4 and LC5 models.
There are three trim levels - LC3, LC4 and the flagship LC5 on test.
There are three equipment grades - LC3, LC4 and LC5 - priced from pounds 29,795 on the road.
Trim levels start with the LC3, which is a five-seater but has the option of an extra row of chairs, at EUR32,687 and runs through the LC4 to the LC5 which come standard with seven seats.
The vehicle is available in three equipment grades- LC3, LC4 and LC5, with seven seats fitted as standard on all.
The LC4 Lounge Chair by Le Corbusier has been voted as the favourite all-time piece of designer furniture, the Burj Al Arab as the most iconic hotel and landmark, and Zaha Hadid as the most influential interior designer/architect in the Middle East.
The survey, which was distributed to over 3,000 people in the interiors business across the GCC region, placed the avant-garde LC4 Lounge Chair top in a list of most iconic designer furniture, with nearly 30 per cent of the vote, followed by Salvador Dali's Mae West Sofa Lips (18 per cent) and Aamio Eero's Ball Chair coming a close third (17 per cent).