LCACLanding Craft Air Cushion
LCACLorton Community Action Center (Virginia)
LCACLicensed Clinical Addiction Counselor (treatment professional)
LCACLake County Airboat Club (Florida, USA)
LCACLibrary Consumers' Advisory Council
LCACLocal Connection Admission Control
LCACLogistics Crisis Action Cell (US Navy)
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Owens noted that the military has a seagoing ferry that can haul five LCACs, but he would like a vessel that can handle 15.
The Global Amphibious Landing Craft market can be segmented into three divisions: LCAC, LCM, and LCU.
ISNLO Soldiers also read "baseline" books or watched select movies on Iraq; most were available at the LCAC or ordered for the Soldiers.
After what was deemed a failure to convincingly honor the treaties, all 21 of those treaty nations joined together and created the LCAC to create a stronger, united front in dealing with government.
Correlation matrix of daily closing price indices in logs LDAX LFTSE LCAC LDAX 1 LFTSE 0.
LCAC again quoted the auditor general in the letter.
The Electronic Warfare Integrated System for Small Platforms (EWISSP) program will explore a number of technologies for potential integration aboard these LCAC and AAAV amphibians to protect them against missiles and other munitions employing radio-frequency (RF) and electro-optic/infrared (EO/IR) sensors for acquisition, surveillance, targeting, and tracking.
The LCAC and the utility landing craft currently in the MSDF inventory offer a range of uses; at the low end of the spectrum, two of the latter perform port-service tasks.
Maybe someone could get LCAC, Leicester's cable television operation, to play the film on one of the town's cable stations.
During 2012, LSInc successfully coordinated the transport of 88 ship and submarine propellers/blade sets, 65 propeller shafts, 48 hubs and oil distribution boxes, 6 CIWS and DDG-1000 gun mounts, 3 LCAC Engines, 2 Sonar Domes, and various other major components.
Like the LCAC, its evolutionary replacement will provide the Navy and Marine Corps "with the capability to project and sustain military operations from the sea, independent of tides, water depth, underwater obstacles, or beach gradient," according to a statement from Textron.
Stewart Turner-Ball, MAC, LCAC, is the Founding President of the Indiana Association for Addiction Professionals (IAAP).