LCBLegislative Counsel Bureau (Nevada)
LCBLe Cordon Bleu (College of Culinary Arts)
LCBLinnaeus Centre for Bioinformatics (Sweden)
LCBLeft Cornerback (football)
LCBLandscape Contractors Board (Oregon)
LCBLocal Competitive Bidding (procurement method)
LCBLegislative Council Bureau (Nevada)
LCBLongitudinal Center of Buoyancy
LCBLe Commerce du Bois (French timber trade association)
LCBLow Country Boil (food)
LCBLicensed Customs Broker
LCBLine Control Block
LCBLong Center Branch (automobile part)
LCBLongitudinal Check Byte
LCBLeft Coast Boardwear (California)
LCBLeast Common Bit
LCBLower Confidence Bounds
LCBLafayette Concert Band (Lafayette, LA)
LCBLog Control Block
LCBLogistics Configuration Baseline
LCBLaboratory Coordinating Board
LCBLandscape Characterization Branch (US EPA)
LCBLakeshore Concert Band (Pointe-Claire, QC, Canada)
LCBLansing Concert Band (Lansing, MI)
LCBLord Chief - Baron
LCBLimited Commitment Basis
LCBLogic Control Block
LCBLocal Control Board
LCBLiquid Cooled Brake (automotive)
LCBLipid Coated Bacterium
LCBLaser Controller Board
LCBLow Class Bituminous (roadway structural rating)
LCBLaminated Copper Bus-bars
LCBLateral Conversion Bonus (US Navy job category change incentive)
LCBLoreto College Ballarat (Ballarat, Australia)
LCBLongitudinal Clamp Bracket
LCBLittleton Community Band (Littleton, CO)
LCBLimited Charge Back
LCBLoudoun Community Band
LCBLakeland Civic Band (Kirtland, OH)
LCBLong Term Corporate Bond
LCBLying, Cheating Bastard
LCBLife Church Boise (Idaho)
LCBLockport Community Band (Lockport, NY)
LCBLondon City Bond (UK tax warehousing company)
LCBLouisiana Center for the Blind
LCBLower Columbia Basin (Washington)
LCBLarge Cap Blend (finance)
LCBLow Carbon Buildings
LCBLiquor Control Board
LCBLongitudinal Centre of Buoyancy (boating)
LCBLower Confidence Bound
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Figure 9--the percent change in BR 1 and BR 2 due to the simulated mixing step is shown; the tangent delta and LCB index in BR 1 are unaffected, with a percent change less than 3% and 15%, while the viscoelastic properties for BR 2 are highly affected, with changes on the order of 50% and 100% Difference before/after aging (%) Tan delta LCB index BR 1 2.
SKIMFLOW LCB is a gypsum based self-leveling underlayment designed for use directly over wood.
LCB added that it has been successfully developing global partnerships through the potential of its proprietary ADC platform technology.
Behind the various judicial measures, which entailed court challenges of LCB that were rebuffed by the Lebanese judiciary, is one group of former shareholders, anchored by the Nest Group and its chairman Ghazi Abu Nahl.
The Claimants say that DTME failed in their duty as auditors because Mr El Fadl's team allowed its relationship with LCB senior management and majority shareholders to become compromised.
The LCB will help mobilise members of the community to "self-organise", as well as determine and prioritise their needs, said the research team, the researchers noted in their descriptive brief of the project.
The LCB wants the legislature to eliminate dispensaries, which otherwise will compete with state-licensed pot stores, by repealing the collective garden provision.
NOTEREF _Ref384880710 \h \* MERGEFORMAT) Concluding that the case did not satisfy either prong of New York court's interpretation of the long arm statute, the district court dismissed for lack of personal jurisdiction over LCB, further adding that exercising jurisdiction over the bank would not comport with constitutional due process.
The LCB case was settled earlier this year through a $102 million settlement in New York, but the financial sector is concerned about any repeat of a bank disappearing from the market.
LCB used its New York correspondent account 'dozens' of times 'to effect its support of Shahid and shared terrorist goals,' not 'once or twice by mistake.