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From these infections, 126 were LCBI with ID HAI of 5.
Among high-risk patients admitted in the period, we identified 21 cases of surgical patients with notification of LCBI, who were matched to 42 neonates undergoing surgical procedures, but without LCBI.
1%, correctly identifying 13 of the 21 cases of LCBI (61.
However, none of the studies were designed to assess risk factors for LCBI in newborns who underwent surgical procedures.
In a previous study (15) surgical procedure itself was found to be an independent risk factor for LCBI in newborns.
They also have longer length of stay in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit with frequent use invasive devices, such as MV, associated with LCBI in univariate analysis.
21) studied only infants who developed LCBI and also identified MV as a risk factor in the logistic regression model with an OR=3.
Other risk factors for sepsis in newborns described in the literature--such as prematurity, congenital anomalies, length of antibiotic therapy, and use of CVC (2,10,17,18) did not turn out to be associated with LCBI in this study, although prematurity was significantly associated in univariate analysis and preterm infants presented 3.
However, the use of NIV might have been a protective factor for LCBI (1 case compared to 11 controls), reducing the chance of LCBI by 86%.
The limitation of this study was the small number of patients and the difficulty of matching newborns who did not undergo surgical procedures: hospitalization and weight range were not considered, only patients undergoing surgery without LCBI during the study period.