LCCEPLogistics Civilian Career Enhancement Program
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LCCEP is mindful of this as it identifies quality developmental opportunities for logistics employees.
Approximately 60 percent of the LCCEP training budget supports tuition assistance, which is provided for mission-related courses offered at accredited institutions.
LCCEP also offers Long-Term, Full-Time, and PartTime In-Place (PTIP) programs.
However, LCCEP is working to provide online capability, which will permit employees to calculate their WPS without having to selfnominate for a vacancy.
When logistics employees become eligible to compete for GS-15 LCCEP covered positions, the Professional Credentials Score (PCS) is used to assess and refer candidates.
The work of LCCEP continues with its involvement in a variety of leading issues and initiatives such as workforce shaping, human resource capital studies, and force development.
The LCCEP Team is here to assist employees with questions and career counseling.
The LCCEP provides central management of developmental and training opportunities for the logistics civilian workforce.
LCCEP Executive Panels Panel Purpose Position Management Panel Establishes and reviews criteria for position coverage by the program.